Contact: Christopher Warrington, CEO
Phone: 480-818-6489

Date: 10/20/2020

Launch of Prayer Nook app

Prayer is powerful. It is one of the most effective weapons that God has given us against the powers of darkness in our world. And we all can agree that right now there is much to fight for and fight against; so, we MUST be in prayer for guidance, wisdom and protection.

Prayer Nook is the app that lets you journal, request prayers, pray with your friends, and strengthen your prayer life – all in one easy to use app. Pray for those in your feed, share personal prayers within your inner circle, and journal prayers in your own private notebook.

Prayer Nook is different from other apps in that in addition to a journal and prayer request function, the focus is on growing your own prayer habits and spiritual life.

"For those outside any faith that has prayer as part of its religious practices, prayer can seem mystical, awkward, or even idiotic," says Christopher Warrington, CEO of The Christian Chain. "What do you do? What do you say? Is there a certain way that you should be sitting, standing, or kneeling? What about your hands?"

"What's great about Prayer Nook is that even if you're a new Christian or if you've been worshipping for years, Prayer Nook helps users strengthen their relationships, both to God and to each other by praying for one another."

Prayer Nook functions primarily as a journal, but also allows users to submit requests, and enables them to choose the level of privacy those requests are submitted to their friends. Requests can be made to their Inner Circle (perfect for intimate groups or accountability partners), or can be made fully public to small groups or church prayer boards, basically available to anyone they've connected with on the app – or, if desired, requests can be completely private.

Prayer Nook allows you to invite members, create groups for your church or organization, and designate your own inner circle for an intimate group or for your accountability partners. You can also join the prayer wall for missionaries that you support and other para-church ministries you follow.

Got an answered prayer to celebrate? Our prayer archive function lets you visit old prayers and update others on how God has answered you; reminding you of how ever present and active God is in your life.

If you are looking for an app that connects you to others through prayer, Prayer Nook is the place to start! Visit for updates and to sign up for notifications.