I have a prayer request. How do I share it?

Requests can be posted as publicly or as privately as you like. Share with friends, post to your inner circle, or even simply jot it down in your prayer journal.

I need a prayer line – I'm not sure what to pray for. How do I start?

Our Prayer Journal is a great tool for this – anything goes, be as creative as you like! The point is to grow in faith, and that looks different for everyone.

How can my small group get involved?

Prayer Nook lets you invite members, create groups for your organization, and designate your own inner circle for a small group or Bible study.

What if I can't remember what I've prayed for?

Our prayer archive function lets you visit old prayers and update others on how God has answered you.

What If I want my prayers to be kept private?

Not a problem – you can make your prayers as public or as private as you like. Share with your inner circle, or post to your own individual journal. We have used encryption in our system to provide added security for your prayer requests and for your prayer journal.