Your Inner Circle

Your Inner Circle is that small, close-knit group of trusted friends or family. Sensitive or deeply personal prayers are great to submit here, and as always, you can update your inner circle with answered prayer requests or give progress reports.

Personal Groups

Every member is given three groups for their account. The first is automatically created and can not be deleted; that is your "Inner Circle" as explained above. The other two groups are yours to create and manage for whatever type of group you desire. You could set one up for your family, or for an accountability group. Maybe you have a specific prayer need that you wish to invite people to follow so they can keep updated on that need. For the vast majority of people, these three groups are all that will be needed, as any other groups you may be a part of will most likely be maintained by a church or other organization. For instance, if you are part of a small group, check with your small group leader or church leadership to be invited to that prayer group. If you do need more than these three groups, please contact us and let us know.

Churches and Organizations

These are the most macro-level groups Prayer Nook allows. They're great if you have a faith-based business or nonprofit, or if you want to connect with others via a para-church ministry.

If a church or faith-based organization wants to send a prayer SOS, then the Body of Christ can come together and pray for them. Prayer Nook sends out notifications so that members remember to pray and can include the requests in their church prayer list.

Organization Groups

These are a great way to organize prayers submitted by members from small group Bible studies or ministries for your church. Missionaries could also use their own individual group that can be set up by their organization. Or if you are an adoption adgency, you could setup a private prayer group for each of your adopting parents to update their support system while they go through the adoption process. The possibilities are endless. How can you use prayer groups in your organization?

In short, these various groups are a great place where members can easily keep track of their prayer lists, especially if they're involved in multiple small groups or church ministries.